Biomedical Hospital waste incinerator

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Biomedical Solid Waste Incinerator is a
special design machine for the reduction of
refuse into inert gases and solids by
controlled combustion. For over ten years,
TEMDO as R&D institution has developed
this special machine to handle hospital
wastes efficiently at the same time protecting
the environment.

This machine burns Biomedical Solid Wastes to highest recommended temperature and allows
only harmless smoke to be released to the atmosphere. By designing this machine, TEMDO has
substantially reduced the problem of importing the Biomedical Solid Wastes Incinerator from
abroad which is a burden to our economy and most of our hospital cannot manage due to their
limited resources.

Biomedical hospital waste incinerator
• Rated capacity: 50-60Kg/hr.
• Dimensions:
- 1330 x 1330 x 550 (LXHXW) mm
• Weight-3,500kgs

Main features:
1. Primary chamber - (Temp. 700C)
2. Secondary chamber- (Temp. 1000C)
3. Burners – two burners uses diesel.
4. Control system- Temperature control
5. Chimney - exhausting hot flue gases.