Majukumu Yetu

TEMDO mandates as per the TEMDO Establishment Act include the following:

  1. To design and promote designing of products and processes for Tanzanian industry in accordance with national industrial development policy;
  2. To adapt foreign designs of machinery and equipment to suit local conditions of manufacturing, use and maintenance;
  3. To manufacture and develop prototypes and spares based on the designs produced by the Organization as well as those which may be brought to the Organization;
  4. To design tools, dies, jigs and fixtures required by the industrial sector;
  5. To provide technical extension services including training aimed at increasing the skills of technical manpower at all levels and establishments in the country and enabling industry to produce the products or processes for mass marketing;
  6. Either alone or in co-operation with other bodies, to assist the industrial sector in solving production bottlenecks for the purposes of increasing productivity, capacity utilization and quality of products;
  7. To provide relevant information and advice to the industrial sector relating to production, purchase and supply, quality control, marketing and other related areas;
  8. To identify and conduct short courses in so far as it is within the competence and capacity of the Organization, to co-operate with other institutions in the conduct of such courses;
  9. To give on the job training to engineers in designing, production engineering, foundry technology, metrology and metallurgy;
  10. To conduct a systematic on the job training, in tools, dies, presswork, specialized welding, design, draftsman ship (mechanical and structural machinery maintenance and, for industrial electricians and electronic technicians;
  11. To offer consultancy services on material testing, metallurgy, design and other technical undertakings;
  12. To act as the national link with other international institutions engaged in activities related to the functions of the organization; and
  13. To do such things incidental or conducive to the fulfilment of the objectives of the organization as the board may decide.