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TEMDO conducts training programs aimed at filling identified knowledge and skills gaps. TEMDO has been conducting both general courses and tailor-made training programmes designed to meet specific client industries or institutions. More than 40 general courses and tailor-made training programs have so far been conducted, attracting a total of more than 600 Engineers and Technicians from industries and institutions. Most of TEMDO courses are accredited to the Engineers Registration Board (ERB) continued professional development program. Likewise, TEMDO offers good training opportunities in engineering design for engineers wishing to meet the ERB registration requirements. The following are some of the courses that have been offered by TEMDO:

1) Maintenance Management of Plant and Equipment;

2) Supervisory Management Skills for Engineers / Technicians;

3) Production and Operations Management;

4) Production Techniques for Technicians / Artisans;

5) Spare Parts Design and Manufacture;

6) Introduction to Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD);

7) Occupational Safety and Health in Industry.

8) supervisory skills training / essential supervisory skills

9) Production planning and control

10) Spare parts manufacturing, repair and reconditioning

11) Pollution prevention and control

Consultancy Services

The technical support services provided to industry by TEMDO are suited for the whole range of industries from small, medium to large industries. The essence of TEMDO’s services is to free manufacturing industries of their non-core activities so that they can concentrate their effort on core activities thus create more value to their customers.

The core competencies of TEMDO lie in engineering consultancy services and training:

1) Design and manufacture of machinery and equipment

2) Installation of machinery, equipment and materials handling systems

3) Maintenance of machinery, equipment and production systems

4) Pre-engineering and engineering project feasibility studies

5) Training of Engineers, Technicians and Artisans to refresh or upgrade their knowledge and skills through short course

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