Biomass Processing Plant

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Biomass briquetting is the process of converting high bulk, low density biomass material into high density fuel briquettes. The process involves drying, sieving, grinding and pressing briquettes into uniform shapes. By compressing the wastes into briquettes they become easier to transport, and store; give much higher efficiency and lasts longer with more calorific value than ordinary charcoal made from trees.

The idea of making biomass briquettes from agro and industrial residues provides an opportunity for saving the cutting of trees and environmentally safe disposal of agro residues and garbage which are currently burnt or left to litter the streets.

TEMDO has successfully developed machinery and equipment for biomass briquetting as follows: saw dust briquetting plant, charcoal dust briquetting plant, rice husk and groundnut shells briquetting plant. Three plants are already commercially operated in Kibaigwa, Dodoma and Arusha while the Rural Energy Agency and the private sector are supporting the establishment of other plants in the country.

The capacity of plant is 1000kg per day